Tubal Ligation – is it an outdated procedure from a misogynistic past?

It is the opinion of this author that very few women require to subject themselves to the intrabdominal procedure of a tubal ligation.

There are occasions where it makes sense, like a seventh baby at c-section, the tubal takes two minutes and then it is over. But one must be certain they want irreversible sterilization and the possibility of the rare, unproven post tubal syndrome.

Simply, the vast majority of couples who are done with child bearing may let the man get a vasectomy, a much simpler and safer procedure. Men must be educated as they feel they loose their “Maleness” when this occurs.

As well women who are unsure, or the man refuses the vasectomy, most often will tolerate one of the IUDs on the market and since they are approved for such along time – the Paragard 380T was approved for 10 years – it can always be taken out, with a high degree of success, everything else being equal in regards to their fertility. As well they last long enough to almost take the average women to menopause after enough childbearing.

So the options are significant to avoid the tubal ligation which is irreversible for the most part, unless you have lots of $$s and are happy with a below 50% success rate – I am not.

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  1. Finally someone who tells the truth regarding tubals. I always felt that these were probably unecessary but did notknow enough.

    Men should consider a vasectomy for their women. I have had an IUD for 5 years and it has beeen a operfect experience. I know some friends who had problems, but with some adjustments they did well!
    I hope other may learn fro my experience. After three kids it is nice to know i have safe, reliable birth control. And if I want to take it out, it i simple. And I did not have to have part of my body unecessarily removed or burnt or crushed.

    Anyway, thats how I feel, hope all find this helpful . . .

    linda H

  2. Hey it would be great if there was a phone number to call to find a good OBGYN or health care provider where I live. I see them on other sites. I awould appreciate the same here.
    Thanks for the great insight, i doubt I would ever hear this from my OBGYN.


  4. Hi Crystal, I agree with you 100%.

    Tubals are well know to have a quoted 1/100 failure rate. The tubes are amazing at growing little tubules back. However I believe this post to still be very relevant. Perhaps you ad to it’s importance. Despite the irreversible and permanent nature of tubal ligation, failures may occur, and if you ever wanted the reversed, it is super expensive and the reversal does not work most the time.

    This reveals that the alternatives in my opinion are still much better than tubul tying relegating to very very uncommon subsets of women who shouldhave them. Still much better to try a IUD (with barrier contraception – if releveant – for a near 0% failure rate).

    Or a vasectomy, much easier than a tubal. Same reversal issues and failure rates that are much lower when done by people who do them frquently and when the man has the occasional sperm check to make sure the vasectomy worked.
    Unwanted oregnancy is a horrible outcome after utilyzing really good birth control, and places the women in a very difficult position.

    Take Care Crystal.
    I hope youproceed however you desire, and wish you the best in all your endeavors whatever the may be!


  5. I had a vasectomy about ten years ago. No problem. It did not hurt, well a little. And it has been a wonderful thing in our life as my wife and I may keep a loving intimate relationship without the fear of unwanted pregnancy.

    A freiend of ours used Abortion internet sites and Obgyn sites and found great help.

    However, we believe in the right to choose but find ourselves in the difficult position when we would consider that choice for ourselves. We could conceive, but it would be very difficult for us financially, and I do not think we would opt for an abortion- ie, our choice.

    I suspect many people are like this in this position. It brings us great joy. And just as one of the commentaries suggested I am tested every once in a while to make sure no little swimmers make it out of there. They are really sneaky, you gotta be careful.


  6. Thank you.

    I keep telling my husband, and I cannot get my OBGYN to agree with this perspective, i am printing this and bringing it to the office next time i visit!

  7. I had this procedure done 24 years ago. I have enjoyed much sex. Had two children and never have worried about the process and have no regrets about having only two children; which I love.

    This was a painless and scareless process. I have not had to worry becoming preganent. So, not matter how outdated is process is I am 45 years old now and have total satifcation. I have to take not medication or nothing..

    Be Blessed.

  8. hi ,my name is brenda I have had a tubal ligation for ten years now and still can not get pregnant. It was never clear to me wether my tubes was crushed burnt or tied. I am still keeping the faith that I will get pregnant and god will bless me with my 5th child one day. does anyone have information on what could be my problem?

  9. I have heard that there are alternatives. That rather than have the tubes/tied/brunt/cut that one can have clips put on them, in case you decide later on you want a child.. Any truth to this??

    1. GailWe still have one vial on ice of ds1, ds2 and dd AND insanely 12 vials of the bacukp donor we chose in case we didn’t get lucky!! I’m not sure what we’ll do. we may give that one vial to another family who used the same donor but the 12 vials?? No idea our vials are all stored at our REs office so i’m pretty sure we only have the option to destroy them. AND we are done. done, done and done. lol.

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