Are Public Confessions Healthy?


I am sipping my morning coffee, casually glancing at the television, when I see the screen yelling at me:  “Breaking News!”

It seems that yet another young man has allegedly been killed by a raging posse of – you guessed it – Los Angeles cops.  And, of course, it was all caught on tape by some guy who happened to be walking in the same dark alley at 3:00 A.M., who happened to be carrying a Panasonic R-543 Ultra Sleek Camcorder and who happened to have the cool presence of mind to turn on the “record” button as he observed some badges beating the crap out of some kid.

First of all, don’t the police know by now that EVERYONE is walking around with a video camera or at least a cell phone that takes videos?   I mean, if they feel it is totally necessary to pound on someone, wouldn’t you think by now that they would scope out the area for any would-be Stephen Spielbergs?  Don’t the police get special training on how to avoid being seen doing something that will not look so good on the local news?

Well, I guess that isn’t the case.  But what really weirds me out is that the very next day, the day after their SON HAS BEEN KILLED, while their son is lying in a morgue somewhere getting a paste up job, the parents of the kid are in New York City sitting right next to Matt Lauer giving him an “Exclusive Interview.”  Will they be going to Maxine’s for a late breakfast after pouring out their hearts to the world?

“Mr. and Mrs. Murphy, first of all, thank you for coming on to our show and please accept our sincere condolences on your son’s death.  This took a lot of courage for you to come.”

The couple, holding hands for the first time in fifteen years, look painfully at Matt and meekly manage a barely audible “thank you.”

Then Matt hits them over the head with:  “Mr. and Mrs. Murphy, you’ve seen the tapes of your son surrounded by six L.A. policemen and I can’t imagine what went through your mind as you watched it.  But there have been allegations that your son was resisting arrest after being pulled over for going 110 in a school zone.  The police also say that he had in his possession 14 grams of pure, uncut Columbian cocaine, three surface to air missile launchers and the floor plan of President Obama’s summer retreat at Camp David.  How do you react?”

Before they can answer, their lawyer, who is joined at their hip and who was on the phone to them minutes after their son’s death, whispers into their ears.  Mr. Murphy nods his head and responds.  “Well, Matt, all I can say is that Seymour was a good boy.  He was well like by his classmates and his teachers.  He was a leader in his church group.  Clearly, the police had the wrong man and we will fight until we receive justice.”  Or until HOB contacts us for our story.

Then Matt interrupts to announce that they have another “exclusive.”  They have Seymour’s third cousin on the show who will share with the world his memories of Seymour.

“Thanks, Bobby G, for joining us.  Tell us about Seymour.”

“Well, I only met him once, you know.  Actually, I never spoke to him but one night I saw him hitting on some girl at this party.  He seemed like a cool guy.”

“Thanks, Bobby G,” says Matt, “I’m sure you’re gonna miss your friend, Seymour.”

Needless to say, I feel for any family that has gone through such a tragedy.   I can’t imagine the pain.

But why do so many people have this compulsion to grieve, to admit to an addiction or to confess to an affair in front of the whole friggin world?  Can that really be the healthy thing to do?

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  1. All I can say is these are our (my husband and myself) sentiments exactly…..especially those distant relatives who haven’t seen “little Johnny” since he was in diapers…some 20 yrs ago….but will do anything for 2 min. of fame???

    I have never understood what the attraction is except for the free trip to New York!!! (and of course the limo ride)…

    1. Well, at that time anything about being proud of being a teen mehotr was taboo, but of course I support a message that tells teens to keep their baby. I mean, I dont support teens going out and getting preg on purpose, but it happens. I am prochoice, but I think a song encouraging people to keep their babies is better than a song saying she is goin down to the clinic to take care of it.

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    1. I am ready and armed. My rosary is my wepaon, my best friend. I know that often in our daily lives we can get caught up in all the things we do, and these things are mostly good, but we have to make time for Christian prayer, because otherwise, ourlives fall apart. God bless all!

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