Cell Phones – Are They Safe?

Are Cell Phones Safe?

Are cell phones and/or cell phone towers dangerous to our health?

I ask because a telephone company is asking to construct a cell phone tower in my neighborhood and folks are up in arms.  Besides it being unsightly, neighbors are screaming about the radiation, getting cancer, etc.  Personally, I think that’s a crock.   I’ve read a little about this and learned that the average cell phone emits as much radiation as a television or a microwave.  Besides, we stick our cell phones right into our ears for gosh sakes.  How much more dangerous can a pole be?  My bottom line is that I have no cell phone coverage in my area which, in this day and age, is preposterous.  So, I have always supported getting better reception.

But now, here comes a new study and it’s one that has caught my attention.  Before I try to explain, please understand that I don’t know jack about science.

Anyway, this new study has found that cell phone emissions can actually change brain activity.  We’re not saying it proves you can get cancer, mind you.  But this study showed that the regions of the brain nearest to the cell phone’s antenna had higher rates of glucose consumption than the rest of the brain.  Increase in glucose activity is somewhat normal but what isn’t knows is whether repeated spikes in activity due to exposure to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones can permanently alter brain function or result in harm.  Doesn’t prove much, but it’s the first study to show that cell phones can actually change brain activity.


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