New Test for Down’s Syndrome

Pregnancy at an Older Age

We all know that anytime you become pregnant, there are risks.  Not just to you, but to the baby as well.  We also know that more women are getting pregnant later in life and that the chances of the baby being born with some kind of disorder, like Down’s syndrome, increases with the mother’s age.

Fortunately, I just heard about a new simple blood test that is being tested that might be able to identify Down’s syndrome in fetuses that are 11-14 weeks old.   Right now, the current tests involve amniocentesis where a piece of fetal tissue is removed from the womb with a needle.  These tests are done a little later and also carry a small risk of miscarriage.  This new, less invasive blood test might ultimately become an important part of future prenatal care.

We will continue to monitor the progress on this new test!

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