Progress Against Portpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is serious stuff, as we all know.  I won’t take up your time recounting the numerous horror stories of women who had some rather serious reactions to the disorder.  Suffice it to say that more

Post Partum Depression

needs to be done to diagnose and cure this problem that is experienced by many, many women.

I am now pleased to report that there may be some progress in the fight against postpartum depression!  It seems that some researchers are reporting that when pregnant women took fish oil,

they had fewer depressive symptoms in the months following their giving birth than those women who took a placebo.  That’s because fish oil has been shown to increase mood-lifting brain chemicals which,

in turn, relieves depression.

As with any research, more needs to be done.

But the initial findings are certainly good news for women who are thinking of having children.

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