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Hello Male Legislators: Women are not Stupid.
Hello Male Legislators: Women are not Stupid.

When is this stuff gonna end?

Recently, the Oklahoma State Senate approved a bill that would require an abortion doctor to let a woman know that she had a right to hear the heartbeat of the fetus!   The bill was approved by a 34 – 8 vote and will soon go to the state House.

Originally, the bill required that women hear the heartbeat before having an abortion, but the bill’s author watered down the measure to secure its passage.  So, now it’s “only” optional.

Yet another insult.

Women know the embryo is living.
Women know the embryo is living.

So, if you hear the heartbeat, what does that prove?   It proves that the fetus is alive!  Oh revelation!  Thank you, oh wise ones, for informing us that we are carrying something that is alive.   Indeed, what you failed to realize was that, the reason why women go to get an abortion is because they KNOW the fetus is alive and growing and they don’t want it to live any longer.  But, then, we are sooooo stupid, so it’s fortunate that we have you boys around to educate us.

What are you going to do next – take away our vote?

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  1. Yes, absolutely they would like to take away the Female Vote, the cowards. Isn’t it wonderful to see many of the younger women pick up the Banner and fight back. No, we’ve come too far for men to shut us in an insane asylum for disagreeing on Politics and Religion as they did less than 100 years ago. It is time to “march” again, I’m afraid.

  2. I agree.

    Really great Point. It is like all the Male Legislators think that women are idiots.

    We should pass legislation on state mandated surgical castration of all male legislators that try and pass laws controlling other people’s bodies!

  3. The image of the fetus is so familiar….it makes me laugh out loud every time I hear some rabid anti choicer yell “Your baby loves you” or “Your baby wants to live” or some equally inane comment. Just look at that tadpole and try to tell me with a straight face that it has cognitive abilities, emtional capacities or is intentional in any way. Good gravy!

  4. What is an Abortion Doctor anyway?

    Most doctors that perform abortions do a lot more than abortions . . .

    Many OBGyns do Abortions as a small part of their practice. Are they Abortion Doctors?

    They also treat Dysmenorrhea.
    Are they also Dysmenorrhea Doctors?
    And are the Baby Delivering Doctors?
    Aren’t they Pap Smear Doctors?

    Maybe we should just call them what they most simply are in Summary:


    I am guessing that most Pro Lifers that go to OBGyns, go to OBGyns that do abortions occasionally as part of their practice.

    So Pro Lifers go to “Abortion Doctors.”
    Even if they ask they cannot know that the doctor does not privately do some abortions in their practice now, especially that the Abortion Pill is available . . .

  5. I don’t really understand why you people are trying to support this. It is against the bible. It is murder and needs to be stopped, if you would rather kill your baby then give it up for adoption you need to do some soul searching. The baby you carry has meaning, God gave you that baby for a reason, weather or not it was rape that made you pregent, the baby was puyt into your life for a reaon. So the question I ask you is, Is it really worth murdering a child that has potential? Because you could be killing the next president. You will never know what that child is capable of, because you took its life before it ever had the chance to have one. There are reports of women who have had an abrtion and regreted it. Those women were never able to live with themselves after that. There are also reports of women who had an abortion that 6-9 months later were rushed to the hospital to give birth to a fetus’ head or part of the body. Women who have abortrions have scared themsleves for the rest of their lives by having the abortion. If you can live with yourself after having an abortion then more power to you. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I had an abortion and then pretended nothing happened, You can’t pretend you don’t cry yourself to sleep everynight thinking about the baby you killed, You couldn’t live with yourself knowing you are never going to see that baby again. So therefore saying all of that, Women before you go have an abortion think about the emotional toll it will have on your life.

    Oh and I’m a sixteen year old who regrets having an abortion.

    1. One: If you’re going to preach, preach with proper grammar. I had to reread the majority of this because I simply could not understand what the hell you were trying to say. Two: Now, you somewhat contradicted yourself here, but I’ll roll with it – you regret having an abortion. I’m sorry for that. But you’re assuming all women will feel this way after having an abortion and in doing so you’re proving all of our dear male leaders right – that women are simple-minded enough to all think exactly the same. Just because there are ”reports” – and here I’d like to see some examples rather than just a generic assumption that there ARE reports – doesn’t mean every single woman is going to regret getting an abortion. I, for one, have spoken to several women who have done so and feel liberated for it, regardless of the circumstances surrounding their abortions. Two have gone on to lead perfectly normal, successful lives with families they PLAN for.

      It’s not right to assume that a certain fetus is ”destined” for something like presidency, either. A good percentage of where a fetus is going to go once it’s born is determined by parenting. And sometimes even that’s not enough.

      So, before you go preaching to everyone for their choices, remember that we call ourselves ”individuals” for a reason.

    2. Are you going to adopt all the “kept babies” that were put up for adoption? Don’t think so. There are so many foster kids aging out of the system, its sad. Most end up homeless and probably wish they’re birth mothers would of chosen to abort them.
      Are you going to help support the babies women choose to keep? Don’t think so! There are so many women with babies living off the government already that thry have to keep making cuts to keep up with demand.
      16, regret abortion, what in God’s name are you doing having sex on the first place. If your so holier than thou, you should of waited until marriage. Besides that, im sure your tadpole was greatful for you did the right thing at such a young age. Do sixteen year olds even know what goes into where? Sorry, i just look at my daughter and hope she doesnt even think about sex until she is married or atleast in a stable commited relationship.
      In my opinion, women should be able to choose what and what not to do with her body when it comes to having a baby or not. Do women get shunned for miscarriage? In some circumstance but most of the time no, when in all reality miscarriage is “spontaneous abortion”.

  6. Pat, it is welcoming to hear reason and logic in that you take the stance that most women seeking an abortion are well aware that they are “carrying something that is alive,” so thank you for that.

    Now, if you could, please answer the next question in this line of logic: WHAT is IT that women are carrying during pregnancy that is alive?

    I have a few more logical questions to follow, but would like to take this step-by-step.

      1. Me again, my dear Pat. May be you have just been busy. Get back to me when you have time. Thanks!

        1. You’re probably right. And I don’t think that’s at all an atcurace assumption on their part, which makes me wonder if my assumption of puritanism is also inaccurate. I don’t think so, since I seem to see evidence of it independent of their PFB stance, but it makes me wonder.Of course, if you assume, as I do, that consequences in this context connotes punishment (as opposed to mere cause and effect), then a) I think that is proof of puritanism, and b) I can’t for the life of me see what’s wrong with sex without punishment.

        2. Again, I’m seeing a lack in response to my question. After so many months, I’ll just take it as you are afraid to answer. Thanks for allowing me to post, but all these half-cocked liberal circular arguments are just not satisfying to me- a person who thinks about their actions and applies “rightness” and “wrongness” to them. Most of your views are founded on relativity… which, has no place for logic, reason, and absolute truth.

  7. Why is having an abortion before viability frowned upon when if “IT” was delivered under circumstances that weren’t do to abortion, “IT” wouldn’t get treatment to try to save it because that would most likely be a waste of a doctors time. It probably would not survive regardless of what was done to try to save “IT” because technology just can’t duplicate the womb that early on. Sorry if my wording is off but I have the pregnancy brain fog at the moment. And just a side note, I am a 32 yr old married mom of a 3 yr old and a 9 yr old with another one on the way whose had 2 abortions at 18 and 19 because of birth control failure on antibiotics, and am married to the father of my second abortion, so relationships can last afterwards and pregnancy can happen afterwards . I do not regret my decisions in any way, shape, or form, so it’s all just personal opinion to me. I just had to show there is one person out there without a horror story involving regret, depression etc…

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