“ObamaCare” Helps Women

As of yesterday, because of the Affordable Health Care Act, every new health insurance policy must include FDA-approved contraceptives without any co-pays or deductibles.

In addition, all new insurance policies must cover women’s preventive care without co-pays or deductibles, including:

An annual well woman preventive care visit with your doctor.
Screening for:
Gestational diabetes
Screening and counseling for domestic violence
Breastfeeding support, supplies, and counseling

Remember these advanced when you vote in November!

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  1. I read Trust Women as a fact. People need to trust that women know what’s best for themselves and their biedos, because who could possibly know better? The truth is that when a woman’s right to her own body is threatened she is no longer in control of herself, and in a sense she once again becomes property for someone else to dictate how she will live. Well fuck that. The reason this world is in such shitty shape is partly because women are not regarded equally, and they have kept us down because often we are denied the choice. The choice George Tiller wanted to protect was the most fundamental of things, the choice a women can make about her own body. If we do not protect this right, all others will escape our grasp. -Shannon

  2. hi my name is jade and i have had an abortion so many times and i am preganant again ist right to go for another.please i need advice

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