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I recently came across the Hanacure Effect, and I couldn’t believe the results! This facial treatment you can apply yourself, will renew and rejuvenate your skin, making your skin more firm, lifted and a visibly more younger appearance. The formula has a CO2 octolift in it from South Korea, which makes this mask truly one-of-a-kind.

How it works: To apply the mask you will first peel away a small corner of the mix (be careful not to remove the entire lid) and then pour in the serum into the mix container. Next step is to shake the container (sealing with your fingers the peeled corner so mix doesn’t leak) for at least 20 seconds to form a gel like mix. With the brush that comes with the kit, apply the gel all over your face and neck in a smooth even way (avoiding your lips, eyes and lids), and leave it on for 30 minutes until the gel formula dries on your face. Don’t be alarmed if you start to feel a tingling feeling, and then crazy enough you will even feel a lift of your skin! Also for best results, try not to make facial expressions or any uneccesary facial movements for the duration of the 30 minutes. (I should also note, that the craziest thing about this mask, which put them all over the news, was the way the gel dries on your face. You will start to look like a 90 year old woman or man, but don’t worry, after you wash it off, your skin will be renewed, and you will have more of a glow than before you started the mask! ) So after the 30 minutes is up, wash the gel formula off with warm water, and apply a moisturizer if you feel it’s needed. Your skin may even be slightly red after washing the gel formula off, but this is perfectly normal, and after about a couple hours, the redness will disappear.

Benefits: The benefits of this amazing facial treatment are anti-aging, clarifying, detoxifying, lifting and firming, brightening, pour tightening, evens skin tone and contours the face. Talk about the ultimate facial that you can do right in the convenience of your own home!

Ingredients: Another great thing about this facial treatment, is all the ingredients are: – Formulated without sulfates, parabens, phthalates – Dermatologist tested – Hypoallergenic – Vegan – Gluten-Free – Not tested on animals. (This information was gathered on

What to buy: You can either choose “the starter” of one facial treatment, or even better, choose the kit that includes 4 lifting serums + 4 gelling packs + 1 brush + 4 single-use applications. This kit gives you more for your buck, and allows you to really deep cleanse your skin, helping your skin to restore moisture, blood flow, and get that healthy glowy skin you have been wanting for years. Although one treatment will already make a big difference with your skin, 4 times will really rejuvenate your skin to a whole new level.
Please note: These results as well as the information I have provided, are based on my own personal results. This is not a paid blog, and I just wanted to share my incredible experience using the Hanacure Effect with all of you. For more information on this facial treatment including prices, ingredient list, and other reviews click on this link here Hanacure Effect. I hope you try this kit out, and see for yourself how crazy and amazing this mask makes your skin feel after its done. I really noticed a change right away with how smooth, rejuvenated and healthier my skin looked. Enjoy!
Hello! My name is Sierra. I am originally from the midwest, but moved to New York City ten years ago. I am a professionally trained dancer, fitness model, pilates certified teacher, and a certified nutritionist. I am all about a healthy and active lifestyle, traveling the world, women empowerment, positive vibes and living life to the fullest. I also love being a wife, which is how “Lorenzini Lifestyle”. Yes, I will always be a small town girl at heart, but I love living this fast pace life, and now want to share my story, knowledge and insights with all of you, covering everything from fashion, fitness, travel and finding true beauty from the inside out. Can’t wait to connect with all of you! Cheers, Sierra



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Starting the day with fibromyalgia pain made Vera angry

Fibromyalgia made it hard for 46 year old Vera to get her legs out of bed in the morning. As she moved toward the bathroom and began her toilette the pangs of pain moved to her hands, head and neck. It brought tears to her eyes. It made her angry to think that Kurt hadn’t even thought of organizing things around the house to make life a little easier for her. Vera remembered the arguments about accompanying her on doctors appointments and got even more angry. But she never said anything to him. She turned her mind to the support group she would attend later that day, although it wasn’t successful in easing her physical discomfort.

Vera found it easier to focus on the fibromyalgia pain than her scary emotions

As she ate breakfast, flashbacks of her early family file flooded Vera’s vision. She relived the tension she used to feel coming home from school wondering if her parents would fight out loud or give each other the cold shoulder.  Her mother would take out her frustration on Vera the oldest and quietest of her kids. Her muscles tightened up as she recalled the fear of uncertainty and not knowing how to speak about her worries. It was the same thing now. She didn’t know how to talk about the anxiety of not being able to take care of herself. Vera had no words for the anger at her father for not making her mother happy, and at Kurt for being equally insensitive and uncaring. What she did have was body pain that ranged from dull aches to excruciating pain for which no specific organic cause had been found. Fibromyalgia was the diagnosis.  It came with fatigue, slowing down of actions and restricting her life. It was making Vera dependent on pain medication and on a husband who let her down, repeating the cycle of her childhood.

Image result for Fibromyalgia is Linked to Childhood Stress and Unprocessed Negative Emotions

Stuffing her anger made Vera’s fibromyalgia more acute and distressing

Vera’s struggles in talking about her anger and stress as a child and now as an adult make it more likely that her experience of pain when the fibromyalgia flares up will be more intense and debilitating. The European Journal of Pain, 2010 reported a study comparing female fibromyalgic sufferers who expressed versus those that repressed their anger. The greater the inhibition of anger the greater the experience of pain in women with fibromyalgia. Those who got angry and expressed it in the situation in which it was aroused experienced the least amount of pain.

No amount of positive thinking eased her excruciating  fibromyalgic pain

When compared to healthy women, those who avoid strong negative emotions like anger and let it fester unprocessed are more likely to suffer fibromyalgia. In addition focusing on positive emotions does not appear to be a sufficient buffer. According to a report in the 2008 Journal of Psychosomatic Research, it is the lack of processing of negative emotions that precipitates the cycle of pain in fibromyalgic sufferers irrespective of the amount or duration of positive thoughts. Vera wasn’t more sensitive than most women to negative emotions like anger, but she experienced them more often and never learned to express them in a healthy way. It compromised her neuroendocrine functioning, lowering her pain threshold both physically and psychologically, suggests a study on women with fibromyalgia published in Arthritis Care and Research, 2010.

Fibromyalgia is linked to chronic childhood stress and conflict with parents

Vera was typical of most adult women with fibromyalgia that have had stressful childhoods as reported by the Journal Stress and Health in 2009. Vera’s experience of verbal and emotional abuse from her mother, and the uncaring attitude of her father is another common thread in the life histories of women with fibromyalgia. Vera’s struggles with her mother and now her husband made her view life through a more negative lens. Conflict with parents and later with partners adds to the stress and contributes to the more negative perceptions of life by women with fibromyalgia  as indicated by the journal European Psychiatry in 2000.

Chronic childhood stress deregulates Vera’s neuroendocrine system making her more prone to fibromyalgia

Long term stress that is continuous and chronic affects the neuroendocrine system making it less effective over time. Vera’s childhood trauma created a permanent sense of uncertainty and unpredictability that impaired her ability to develop and use healthy stress management strategies. So with each new stress her neuroendocrine system got weaker and began functioning in an abnormal way. She lived in a constant state of stress such that her levels of stress hormone such as cortisol were elevated years after the stress of living with her parents was removed. Despite the struggle of living with a man who was argumentative and unsupportive, it was nothing compared to her previous stressful experiences. The early chronic experience of stress appears to exert a much larger influence in contributing to the pain of fibromyalgia than any current stressful life event, as a 2006 study reported in the journalPsychoneuroendocrinolgy.

Processing negative emotions can reduce the pain of Vera’s fibromyalgia

Vera may not be able to change her history or her husband. But she can begin to process her emotions in her support group and supplement it withpsychotherapy.  She can share her anger about her early life, as well as her fear of being helpless and alone in pain. She can take the pressure off her already overwhelmed neuroendocrine system by acknowledging, naming and expressing her feelings in the moment. A study in Arthritis Care and Research, 2010 suggests that Vera can expect between 50%-70% improvement in functioning and feel less pain if she does so.

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