Interior Designers Spill How To Spend $100 In Your Bedroom To Boost Happiness & Relaxation

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Your bedroom is the first thing you see in the morning and the thing you fall asleep to at night. Needless to say, it pays to take the time to make it soothing, joyful, and expressive of your personality. But where to start? We spoke with six interior designers for their take on how to make $100 in bedroom décor go the distance. Here are some of their top tips, favorite products, and budget-friendly DIY hacks.

Start with a blank canvas and go from there.

Start with a white bed and then find a throw that screams your personality. That will set the tone for the rest of the room. Good table lights for reading are also a necessity for every bedroom. We like to scour the flea markets for these statement pieces because it’s always more affordable and more eclectic. The Rose Bowl in LA is the best if you live nearby or can manage to ship your find back to your hometown!

—Amy Morris & Anna Polonsky, co-founders of The MP Shift

Add some new colors and patterns.

Photo: Chasing Paper

For an easy and affordable way to revive your bedroom’s design game, refresh the walls! Wallpaper has really made a comeback in the last couple of years—even renters can indulge with removable options like Chasing Paper. Paint can also really bring new life to a room. If you’re feeling on the lazier side and aren’t up for self-install wallpaper or painting, then swapping out your old throw pillows for new ones is also a great way to maximize impact as well.

Whitney Giancoliinterior designer

Get a little crafty.

One hundred dollars can go a long way! Start with the bed area and buy a sample can of wall paint in a beautiful soft color and paint a rectangular headboard using a wide brush to create visible brush strokes toward the edges. Need new bedside tables? Vintage, non-upholstered wooden chairs from the flea market make for a great, budget-friendly option and the backrests are great for fastening clamp lights. Paint them the same color if you can’t find a matching pair. Put a tray or cork trivet on each chair to arrange your necessities and decorations.

Then invest in some air-cleaning plants such as philodendron, aloe vera, ficus, and peace lily for a natural feeling, warmth, and color. Finish it off by putting your most beautiful clothes and handbags on display using simple wire hangers.

Emeli Ericsson, interior designer behind The Conscious Interior Stylist

Candles, pillows, and plants.

I think tried-and-true things like candles, pillows, and plants (and if you are not a plant person, flowers) add beautiful new life to a room. I love having small bouquets going in my bedrooms, especially in spring. I think it’s symbolic of the new life and season to come. Switching out throw pillows is also another great, inexpensive way to completely change the vibe of the room. And candles just create a serene and relaxing environment—which is so important in the bedroom! These days you can even change art fairly easily with great printables from Etsy.

Tanya Meda, interior designer behind House of Six Interiors

Break things down into categories.

When I approach any design project, I set the intention of creating a space that’s stylish, functional, and increases positive vibrations— “woo-woo,” I know but also important! To get the most out of a $100 budget, I’d recommend focusing on five key elements:


If you want a soft, closer-to-cotton touch minus the high-thread-count price tag, go for eco-friendly bamboo bedding (you can usually find some for around $30). I’ve found that it’s incredibly soft, stain- and wrinkle-resistant, and lasts longer than cotton.


When it comes to lighting, a sophisticated touch is just a Target run away. Brass lamp bases from their Project 62 and Threshold brands start at $19.99 and have Hollywood glam written all over them. And don’t underestimate the power of a dimmer! It can help you control your environment according to mood and activity, and some options, like Lutron’s incandescent dimmer start at around $15.

Air & Sleep Quality

Photo: @Arx0nt

Plants are great at eliminating indoor air pollution and odors. Spider plants are great for air quality and aloe Vera emits oxygen at night making for a more restful slumber. A drop of lavender and eucalyptus in a diffuser on your nightstand will send you off to a dreamy and delicious sleep with the bonus of moistening the air for easier breathing. This one from Puritan’s Pride is super affordable.


My favorite Etsy shops—ThePairaBirds by illustrator Tabitha Brown, Coco & James, and Printable Gift Ideas—have stunning prints starting at a low price. Minted and Society6 are also great sources for affordable art. Last but not least, don’t forget to check your local art shows and flea markets.


I’m not a fan of tech in the bedroom, but it’s pretty much our new reality. This $12.87 wall charger with dual USB ports and AC outlets will at least make your charging life a little simpler.

Magalie René, interior designer

Splurge on a tray or large basket.

One way I would spend money in the bedroom is on a beautiful accessory tray for my bedside table. Think marble, metallic, or lacquer for a pop of color. A messy bedside table can make a space feel a bit untidy. But by having a lovely tray, items like loose change, jewelry, etc., can be confined to one place.

Another great buy is a large basket. A beautiful basket can add texture, act as storage, and bring interest to an uninteresting corner.

Delia Kenza, Homepolish interior designer



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