A Room’s Colors Majorly Impact Your Mood. Here’s How To Choose The Right Shade Every Time

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Every color of the rainbow syncs to a different emotion, and all color associations can bring positive energies to your home, if harnessed correctly. As an avid art lover, I’ve spent quite a bit of time studying how color palettes affect our mood. Here are a few insider tips for the next time you’re on the hunt for a new piece of artwork:

The living and dining room: Oranges and reds.

For social, communal spaces like the living and dining rooms, you want to be surrounded by engaging, stimulating colors. Artworks that have large amounts of orange and red components can be just the ticket. Orange and red both fuel and energize the mind, and therefore can help spark conversation at your next dinner party or family gathering.

The office: Yellows.

The color yellow has been shown to help the brain retain information, so I always recommend an artwork with intense yellows for a desk or study room. Yellow shares many of the same subliminal affects as red and orange, but then takes it one step further to boost memory.

The bedroom: Greys.

Our minds are wired all the time now, especially with technology creeping into all parts of our lives, so it’s essential that our bedrooms be a calming zone with minimal distraction. We spend so much time picking out the best mattress for our bodies to rest optimally, so why not dedicate that same energy to choosing artwork? Gray immediately calms the mind (and in turn the body), so any piece with a heavy gray tone or base is a great choice. Fair warning, I think purple is probably the worst color to have in the bedroom. It keeps the mind going and running on all cylinders, so avoid it in any areas designated for rest.

The bathroom: Vibrant tones.

Bathrooms are the one room that we tend to leave bare and void of color, which is a shame! The bathroom is where you can get crazy with your artwork; I even suggest thinking of it as a canvas for some more risqué pieces. Strong ones with a rainbow of colors are perfect to wake up the eye and the mind. I also love vibrant reds and blues contrasting with yellows and lime greens in the bathroom. Radiant artworks combined with a shower will perk you up so much, you might not need that second cup of coffee.

The entryway: Black and white.

If you want to really make a statement in a room, keep the artwork black and white. All color and no color are perfect for presentations filled with drama. All-black or all-white, or a hybrid of black with white artworks bring a sense of seriousness and sophistication, so while I wouldn’t recommend this scheme for a children’s play room, it’s fantastic in entryways. From there, you set the tone for your personal vibe as soon as anyone walks in.

A general note on color and theme.

While the colors I have highlighted make for fantastic main components of a room, there will obviously be other hues that you’ll want to pull in too. For instance, blue is one of my favorite colors and it has a great calming effect—but be warned that it can express coldness. In my opinion, any work with blue tones is perfect for a beach house or home in a warmer climate, where it can help cool the body down. Just remember, the color has the same effect in places that are cold, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you live in a cooler climate.

Wherever you may live though, nature scenes are always a good choice for art. Bringing the outdoors in by incorporating green tones into pieces can really help your mood, according to science.

Add all these thoughtfully considered colors and palettes together and you have something special on your hands. As Georgia O’Keeffe so artfully put it, “I found that I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for.”



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