Four Expert-Approved Ways To Stay Active This Winter

This winter, we’re thinking about how to stay active (and motivated) even when the cold weather hits. Seasonal changes can cause changes in our mood, sleep, and energy, which could have an effect on our motivation to exercise and our movement routines. While it’s tempting to stay in our cozy beds, winter can be a great time to dig deep and eliminate our self-limiting beliefs about exercise, reach out to a friend and start a new class, or develop a simple at-home exercise plan. We asked mbg movement experts to weigh in on what keeps them motivated to exercise in the winter—and we’re already jumping out of bed.

Remember your why.

“I remember that movement always warms me up and makes me feel better, especially if I wake up chilled and a little stiff. Knowing that I’ll eventually open up and heat up—and generally feel more balanced—encourages me to get a literal move on, whether it’s 10 minutes or 1 hour.” Sasha Nelson, yoga instructor, wellness lifestyle coach, and sustainability enthusiast.

Stay accountable.

“I’ve learned the key to staying motivated in the cold winter months is to run with friends early in the morning. I set my alarm for 6 a.m., brush my teeth, drink some water, grab my shoes, then get out the door! If I didn’t feel a responsibility to show up for someone else when it was below freezing, I wouldn’t have been able to show up for myself. The first 10 minutes are always a little bit of a drag. I fantasize about getting back into my warm bed, but after a mile or so, I get swept up in the energy of a good conversation and the joy of getting fresh air.” Kait Hurley, founder of

Stretch at home.

“Yoga is a daily, so I’m always stretching no matter what time of year it is. Traveling for work, I am in multiple climates each month, so yoga helps me to stay balanced and consistent no matter whether I’m in the snow or the sun.” Sara Quiriconi, certified yoga instructor and health coach and author of Living Cancer Free: A Warrior’s Fall and Rise Through Food, Addiction & Cancer

Build strength.

“A must in my movement routine are lunges and turned-out squats and planks. You can engage almost every muscle in your body through these three exercises in just four to five minutes. The lunges and squats balance out the different muscle groups and also work on joint mobility.” Jill Dailey, kinesiologist, barre dance enthusiast, and founder of The Dailey Method

While everyone has different tried-and-true ways to keep active during the winter months, they can all agree, movement in the winter looks good on everyone.


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