Want To Be More Productive? Try These 3 Feng Shui Tips

Wherever you work, productivity is probably high on your priority list for a successful day. And while there are many strategies to boost productivity, it never hurts to think about how you can harness the energy of your space to make it serve you in more ways than just providing the space.

With that in mind, we spoke to feng shui expert Amanda Gibby Peters about what things we should be focusing on in our workspace to bring more productivity to our lives:

1. Consider adding a mirror to your workspace.

“Mirrors expand space, bringing it to life,” Peters told mindbodygreen. “When you need to summon the creative muses, work in a room with one.” This obviously works better in an at-home workspace, but if it’s creative energy you’re after, a reflective, space-expanding surface may help bring that to fruition.Article continues below

2. Find a way to introduce height.

“Vertical energy is activating, so use it to boost your productivity,” she explained.

Specifically, Peters recommends working near taller furniture (think bookshelves) or introducing a tall plant to your space. Lighting can also help here: Choose options that send light upward to create vertical shapes, which stimulate the environment to shake things up when “the doldrums start to slow you down,” said Peters.

3. Clean your space.

This one may sound self-explanatory, but there’s good reason to set aside some time to clear up your workspace at the end of the day.

“A clean and clear desk increases productivity and job satisfaction,” according to Peters. And there’s more: “If that’s not motivation enough, take one guess what ritual top entrepreneurs around the world have in common?  A clean desk.” Ending the day with this practice can also bookend it so that the downtime after a busy day can be productive in its own way.

Remembering the power our space has over our lives can help us manipulate those spaces to get what we need from them. But once you’ve spruced up your space, you may want to also think about shaking up your routine in other ways to make yourself not only more productive but happier too. And if you’re still struggling to check off that to-do list, you can try these breathing exercises to help you focus.

Source: https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/3-feng-shui-tips-to-help-boost-workspace-productivity?mbg_mcid=777:5e3c8f068b58b03145128b46:ot:5c22b3f39799ec3cc6aecb97:1&mbg_hash=57103be3843e0e1cb6615f5efa797221&utm_source=mbg&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily_v2_20200207

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  1. I so relate to the clean desk… I can’t be productive if I don’t have a clear desk… I think my mind feels so much better if there is space and flow. I use to loathe tidying up… Always felt like I didn’t have time for it until It occurred to me to make it part of the task I was doing… So I dedicate 5 or 10 minutes to pack up or clean up and it also has such a good effect on me. Like a ripple effect.

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