The Best Self-Care Rituals, Based On Your Enneagram Type

With many people feeling overwhelmed, lonely, and anxious right now, it’s important to find a self-care routine that can bring a sense of calm. The Enneagram can be a great way to figure out what self-care practice would be best suited to you.

The Enneagram is more than a personality test—it’s a deep dive into our behavioral patterns. It allows us to see ourselves with compassion and the acceptance we’ve all been longing for. While each of the below self-care routines could be enjoyed by all nine types, the specific options suggested for each type are based on the areas of nourishment and growth they most commonly seek.

Type Ones: A creative, carefree flow.

Ones are logical and virtuous hard workers who often suppress their true desires.

They would benefit from a creative practice that allows them to get into a carefree flow. Their practice should allow lighthearted energy to rush through them. Having fun—without fear of making mistakes or reaching for perfection—will open their hearts and promote joy. Consider a virtual dance class or an online painting workshop.Article continues below

Type Twos: Intentional alone time.

Twos are friendly, loving, and eager to help others. In doing so, however, they can often ignore their own needs. 

They would benefit from some intentional alone time right now. This would allow them to reconnect to themselves. It can be difficult for Type Twos to understand what they need when they are around others. Taking just 30 minutes out of their day to journal and self-reflect might help them better understand and tend to their own needs.

Type Threes: A slow, introspective practice.

Threes are goal-oriented, ambitious, and fast-paced. They will often overwork themselves for the approval of others. They would benefit from an introspective practice, like meditation and breathwork.

Type Threes are also often so results-focused that it can be difficult for them to create boundaries with work—especially while working from home. Stepping away from work at a reasonable hour and meditating might help them look inward, which can cultivate self-compassion. And taking breaks throughout the workday to focus on their breath might increase their response time and decrease their stress levels.

Type Fours: A grounding ritual.

Fours are creative and self-expressive. They can also be melancholic and tend to get lost in their emotional worlds.

They would benefit from a grounding ritual that they can practice daily. This could be a walk through nature, a yoga sequence, meditation focused on the root chakra, or simply sitting still and practicing gratitude. These rituals will help Type Fours steady their emotions, bring them into the present moment, and can also promote a connection to their bodies

Type Fives: An energy healing experience.

Fives are cerebral and objective. They prefer to observe the world and find it difficult to be emotionally available to others.

They would benefit from an energy practice, like Reiki, which would allow them to experience different sensations in their bodies and work through those moments. This ritual of connecting to energy would take them out of their minds and help them move through emotional responses in their bodies with more ease. 

Type Sixes: An empowering workout.

Sixes are fiercely loyal, courageous, and tend to be suspicious. They often spend a great deal of time worrying about future outcomes.

They would benefit from an empowering workout class that could help build confidence, like kickboxing or long-distance running. These types of skill-building activities could help them gain a sense of how strong and accomplished they can be. It would also encourage them to trust in their inherent abilities.  

Type Sevens: Establish a daily routine.

Sevens are independent and spontaneous. They also have a tendency to be scattered and take on too many projects.

They would benefit from a daily ritual to bring intention to each day. Whether it’s a morning routine to ease into the day or a calming bedtime routine, just choose three actions to do each day. If it becomes boring or tiresome, add something new—don’t stop altogether. This practice will create discipline for Type Sevens.

Type Eights: Time to unwind.

Eights are protective and assertive, which when stressed, can turn into defensiveness and control.

They would benefit from a self-care ritual that promotes calm and ease in the body. This could be an Epsom salt bath, a hike that ends with a rewarding view, or even a regularly scheduled heart-to-heart with friends. This can allow their vulnerability to expand and might bring peace to their hypervigilant minds.  

Type Nines: A rejuvenating movement.

Nines are supportive and patient. They can also become averse to change and become stagnant.

They would benefit from a daily practice that elevates their heart rate and encourages them to move their bodies. The movement should feel rejuvenating, not burdensome. This will vary depending on their preference and circumstances, but activating the energy within them can create amazing results for their self-confidence and ability to move more freely through adversities. 


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