Coronavirus: Alyssa Milano shows off horrifying symptom

Alyssa Milano has opened up about one of the horrifying symptoms she’s experiencing as a result of her months-long battle with coronavirus.

The Charmed star went public with her battle in an interview on CNN last week, while also expressing her anger, anxiety, and sadness at the COVID-19 testing process in the US.

Alyssa Milano says she's a COVID-19 "long hauler." (Photo: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok)
Alyssa Milano says she’s a COVID-19 “long hauler.” Photo: Reuters

On Sunday, Alyssa took to Twitter to share a video of herself brushing her wet hair, demonstrating the hair loss associated with COVID-19.

“Please take this seriously. Wear a damn mask,” she told viewers after pulling out several clumps of hair from one brushing.

A recent survey found more than a quarter of people who survive COVID-19 are reporting hair loss with many saying their hair loss is “severe”. Of the 1500 people questioned in the Survivor Corp Facebook group, 27 per cent of people recovering from coronavirus said they’d experienced hair loss.

Hair loss has also been common among people in isolation, though stress is the more likely culprit there.

alyssa milano coronavirus hair loss
Alyssa brushed out clumps of hair in the video. Photo: Twitter

The actress previously tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies, despite other results for the virus, symptoms of which she experienced in April, coming back negative.

“I vacillate between anger, anxiety and just complete sadness,” Alyssa told CNN. And just one day after her interview with Chris Cuomo, she was back in the hospital.   

According to a post shared Saturday, the activist visited an emergency room on Friday to rule out a blood clot after experiencing “real heaviness” in her chest.

No clot was found, but is sharing how the health scare and resurgence of symptoms illustrate what it’s like to be a COVID-19 “long hauler.”

“This virus sucks,” Alyssa wrote, posting a selfie taken from her hospital bed. “Please take it seriously.”

Alyssa milano hospital coronavirus
Alyssa was then in hospital again. Photo: Twitter

The 47-year-old also invited fans to share their own coronavirus experiences, sending supportive comments to those detailing their symptoms.

In response to one question, she tweeted that she suspected she had originally contracted the virus while traveling. In another tweet, she shared that she still gets night sweats every so often.

But many have cast doubt on her health claims, citing her negative test results.

When one Twitter user accused her of “lying,” Alyssa stood her ground, tweeting, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Why would I f*****g lie about having a virus?”

Additional reporting by Erin Donnelly.


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