The U.S. Universities With The Most Covid-19 Cases

As American students get ready to return to university or start out at third level for the first time, preparations are anything but standard amid the coronavirus pandemic. The New York Times conducted a survey in an attempt to gauge the number of confirmed cases of the virus at American universities. It found that there are now more than 26,000 confirmed infections at over 750 institutions.

Many colleges have been reporting spikes in recent weeks, particularly as dorms have reopened. As of August 26, the University of Alabama at Birmingham had 972 cases, the highest number of any third level institution in the country. The University of North Carolina had the second highest number with 835 while the University of Central Florida rounded off the top three with 727.

Infographic: The U.S. Universities With The Most Covid-19 Cases | Statista


This chart shows the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases at universities as of August 26, 2020.


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