20 Signs Your Relationship Might Be Over, According To Couples’ Therapists

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If your relationship hasn’t been feeling the same lately, you might be wondering if it’s time to call it quits. But no relationship comes without challenges, so how do you know when it’s really over?

We spoke with psychotherapist Megan Bruneau, M.A., and psychoanalyst Babita Spinelli, L.P., about how to know when a relationship is over. Whether you’re thinking of ending things—or think your partner might—here are the signs to look for:

1. You fight constantly.

When a relationship has run its course, it can be difficult for partners to find the common ground and sense of connection that was once there. As such, fights may become more frequent, and more heated, as they’re likely a symptom of underlying issues.

2. You’re too apathetic to fight.

On the other hand, not fighting at all isn’t a great sign either, as it’s an indication of apathy and carelessness. As Bruneau explains to mbg, “when one or both parties don’t want to work on things anymore,” that’s a huge sign the relationship is on the way out.

3. One (or both) of you is not seeking help.

Seeking the help of a licensed professional, whether for individual or couple’s therapy, can help mend some of the cracks in a relationship. But as Spinelli notes, a partner choosing not to go to therapy or seek help, especially if the other has suggested or encouraged it, is another sign of indifference toward the relationship.

4. You always feel like you need a break.

Relationships ought to feel fulfilling, supportive, and at the very least, enjoyable! According to Spinelli, a relationship that’s likely ending will be one in which one or both partners feel the need to take a break or get away from each other on a regular basis.

5. You daydream about being single.

Along with wanting a break, you may fantasize about being single if your relationship isn’t what you want it to be. While it’s normal to miss some of the benefits of being single from time to time, if you’re constantly daydreaming about a life without your partner, that’s a sign the relationship is not fulfilling to you.

6. There’s a lack of intimacy.

It’s natural for couples to go through ups and downs in their sex life. But if your intimacy has significantly waned, and “you aren’t looking to work on it, or communicate about what may be taking place in life or the relationship that could be impacting intimacy,” Spinelli says, you’re no longer prioritizing the physical connection that was presumably once there. That signals that you’re no longer looking to each other for pleasure and intimacy.

7. You’ve stopped helping each other.

Healthy relationships are not only supportive but involve compromise and going out of your way to help one another. So another sign your relationship is on the fritz is “not wanting to make sacrifices or do things that might be an inconvenience to support or meet the other partner’s needs or wishes,” says Spinelli.

8. There’s sabotage involved.

Often if one or both partners want to end things but don’t know how, they may try to sabotage the relationship, Bruneau notes. This can look like “a shift in behavior, expectations that are no longer being met, and the person constantly screwing up shows little remorse or desire to rectify or improve things,” she adds.

9. You avoid each other.

Another sign of a crumbling relationship is “when partners find themselves avoiding spending time together and prioritize other activities or friendships over the relationship continuously,” Spinelli says. “Setting aside individual time is healthy, but when the relationship does not make quality time for each to balance their individual needs, it is a sign that this relationship may not make it.”

10. You can’t imagine the future together.

One huge component of lasting relationships is envisioning your shared future together, as you co-create your lives and partnership. “When a couple can no longer imagine a future together, or their view of the future doesn’t align, it is indicative of it coming to an end,” Spinelli explains. Bruneau echoes this point, adding to take note if you’ve stopped talking about the future or making plans altogether.

11. You’ve stopped bringing them around.

Think back to when you two were first happily together. You were probably proud, excited, and eager to bring them around friends and family. As a relationship begins to crumble, you likely won’t want to bring them around anymore, Bruneau says, preferring to spend that time with the people in your life, sans partner.

12. You want different things.

This one can often be the initial downfall of a relationship, as the two of you realize you may want different things that are nonnegotiable. Maybe one of you wants kids and the other doesn’t, or one of you is religious and the other isn’t, Bruneau says, for example. Some things can be compromised on, but others simply cannot.

13. There’s resentment.

As the issues within the relationship begin to build, and even if there’s communication around the issues, resentment can still grow. Bruneau notes holding contempt for each other is never a good sign, especially if it’s consistent. That might look like feeling consistently bitter, angry, or even hateful toward your partner.

14. You don’t miss them when you’re apart.

A healthy amount of space and alone time is important in relationships, but after extended periods of time apart (i.e., the two of you are taking a break, one of you is away on a business trip, etc.), if you don’t miss them at all, Bruneau says, that’s a sign you’ve already begun to let the relationship go.

15. Their presence drains you.

Again, partnerships should be uplifting and enjoyable. “When a person feels emotionally and physically depleted for a long period of time with their significant other,” Spinelli says, “it’s a sign the relationship is over—or needs to be.”

16. You’re not supporting each other or celebrating wins.

Whether you’re feeling down, or celebrating something exciting like a job promotion, having a partner there to support, encourage, and celebrate you is one of the joys of relationships. “Not wanting to reach out to them in times of challenge or times of celebration,” Bruneau notes, shows disconnection.

17. You treat each other poorly.

We’re not talking the occasional gripe or snipe at each other. If one or both of you doesn’t respect the other, and you’re knowingly treating each other poorly, Bruneau says, this indicates a lack of compassion for each other and is typically a symptom of disdain toward the other.

18. There’s a lack of trust.

Perhaps some of the problems in the relationship arose from a circumstance like infidelity or lying. Should that be the case, those things can be repaired with work if you’re both willing, but as Spinelli explains, if you’re unable to forgive and rebuild that trust, the relationship will be incredibly difficult to sustain.

19. Everything they do bothers you.

This is an underlying issue related to many of the other signs here, like constantly fighting, feeling drained and resentful around them, and so on. If your partner can’t even blow their nose without you feeling inexplicably angry, Bruneau says, something is definitely not right.

20. The relationship feels hopeless.

And finally, according to Bruneau, having no hope that things can improve within the relationship is a telltale sign that it’s probably over. For two people to work through their issues, both have to be willing and able to work on it. If one or both of you feels that’s not possible, it simply won’t happen.

The bottom line.

There are plenty of clues that can tell you whether your relationship has a chance or not, but as Bruneau tells mbg, “A relationship is only over when one or both parties decide they don’t want to work on things anymore.”

Relationships go through rough patches and sometimes feel like they’re over, she says, “but sometimes these are just natural ebbs and flows.” No relationship is perfect, despite how we might romanticize them, and “a lot of people quit at the first sign of challenge in a relationship,” she notes.

If this list of signs resonated with you, but you don’t want to give up just yet, know that it’s possible to save a relationship that’s falling apart. You and your partner can try to make it work with open communication, active dedication, and maybe some professional support.

But if you’re fairly certain it’s over, remember that while it may be difficult, sometimes going your separate ways is the best option for the both of you.

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