Work Smarter, Not Harder For The Best Skin You’ve Ever Had — Here’s How

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When taking care of your skin, you don’t have to take tons of time to reap great rewards. It does take time to ultimately see results (nothing happens overnight), but many skin experts suggest that you keep your routine simple, yet effective—this way, you’re spending less time in the mirror hyperfixating on your pores and more time enjoying your life (and your happy skin). 

One way to streamline the process without sacrificing essential steps: habit stacking. Here’s how to streamline your skin care. 

What is habit stacking?

The concept of habit stacking essentially means doing two or more things either at the same time or in a chain. Some popular examples are listening to a podcast while you walk, stretching while in the sauna, or saying a few words of gratitude while you pour your morning coffee. 

This buzzy term was coined by James Clear, author of the New York Times bestseller, Atomic Habits. The goal is to add healthy habits to your day without disrupting your routine, thus making it easier to stick to them. 

3 ways to habit stack for better skin. 

To use this method to your advantage in skin care, keep the following tips on hand:

1. Leave on your face wash while you brush your teeth. 

For anyone using a cleanser with active ingredients (like AHAs, BHAs, benzoyl peroxide, etc.), you should keep it on for at least a minute or two before rinsing. Rather than watching the clock, brush your teeth at the same time—ah, so efficient. 

2. Drink a collagen beverage while you do your skin care routine. 

There’s no shame in taking a few extra minutes to indulge in your skin care routine—self-care is good for the soul. If you want to elevate those benefits even further, though, add a collagen beverage to that routine. May we recommend a morning collagen coffee or perhaps a collagen smoothie for glowing skin?

In the name of efficacy, opt for a research-backed collagen supplement, like one of these—they’re all approved by a nutrition Ph.D. 

3. Do a face mask while you meditate.

This one is a personal favorite: Slather on a face mask before lying down for a guided (or silent) meditation. This is the ultimate spa-like experience that doubles as TLC for your mental and physical well-being. 

More quick ideas: 

Here are a few more rapid-fire ideas to get you thinking: 

  • Wash your face directly after working out. 
  • Give yourself a face massage while practicing gratitude. 
  • Do a shower meditation

The takeaway. 

Habit stacking involves placing one healthy habit on top of or next to another in your daily routine. You can do this for any area of your life, including skin care. Want more healthy skin habits to test drive? Here are a few more


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