Do You Really Need to ‘Balance’ Your Cortisol Levels for Better Health?

Cortisol, most commonly known as the stress hormone, is a popular conversation point in the wellness space. Experts agree that while too much or too little cortisol provides specific problems, the term "cortisol imbalance" is not a legitimate medical term. To test cortisol levels, individuals should seek advice from a healthcare professional with hormonal expertise.... Continue Reading →

7 Popular Breakfast Foods That Actually Rev Up The Stress Response

Image by Olga Moreira / Stocksy Breakfast: There's a reason it's considered the most important meal of the day! Eating breakfast is a chance for your body to break its overnight fast and your brain to get its first source of energy for the day ahead. As a nutritional psychiatrist, I know firsthand that fueling the body and... Continue Reading →

Study Finds Coffee Drinkers Take More Steps, But Get Less Sleep

OLGA MOREIRA/STOCKSY New research has found that coffee drinkers take more steps, and also get less sleep, than individuals who do not drink coffee each day. While there have been many claims about how coffee can benefit and negatively affect people’s health, a small study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests there are both upsides and... Continue Reading →

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