The Republicans Big Show

Today or tomorrow, the U.S. House of Representatives will pass a bill that repeals the Healthcare Reform Act that was signed into law last year.  That, of course, is the law that has generated so much controversy in this country.  I personally support this much needed law. If you also support this law, don’t worry... Continue Reading →

The New Health Insurance Plan – A Pretty Good Start

At this point, I assume you know that a new health care system is being implemented in this country.  If you don’t know this then…..well, there is no sense in reading this cause, honey, you are on another planet. We’ve heard all the arguing and seen some of the commercials and watched the elections and... Continue Reading →

Pendergraft Abortion

A Florida abortionist's medical license has been suspended a fourth time -- and a prominent pro-life group is outraged the man hasn't been drummed from the practice altogether. Operation Rescue president Troy Newman has tracked abortionist James Pendergraft -- a "proven quack," as Newman describes him -- for years and tells OneNewsNow that a fourth... Continue Reading →

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