The Paragaurd and other IUDs of present time are safe and effective forms of Birth Control.

Intrauterine devices (IUDs) are a form of long-term, reversible contraception that are increasingly recommended for many women due to their safety, efficacy, and convenience. They work by either releasing hormones that thicken the cervical mucus and thin the uterine lining or by creating an inhospitable environment for sperm via copper ions.

Here are some reasons why IUDs are safe and recommended:

  1. Highly effective: IUDs are among the most effective forms of birth control available. Hormonal IUDs have a success rate of over 99% and copper IUDs (like Paragard) also boast a similar rate. This is comparable, if not better than other forms of birth control like pills or condoms.
  2. Long-lasting: Depending on the type, IUDs can provide contraception from 3 to 10 years. Mirena, Kyleena, and Liletta can last for up to 5 years, Skyla for 3 years, and the copper IUD Paragard for as long as 10 years. This makes them a great option for long-term birth control without the need for daily or regular maintenance.
  3. Reversible: Despite their long-term effects, IUDs are completely reversible. If you decide you want to become pregnant or if you want to stop using it for any reason, you can have the IUD removed by a healthcare provider at any time. Fertility typically returns quickly after removal.
  4. Fewer systemic side effects: Hormonal IUDs mainly work in the uterus, and only a small amount of hormone enters the bloodstream. This means they have fewer systemic side effects compared to other hormonal methods of contraception like the pill or patch.
  5. Non-hormonal option: The copper IUD (Paragard) is an excellent option for those who prefer or need a hormone-free form of contraception. It’s the most effective non-hormonal contraceptive option available.
  6. Minimal interaction with other medications: Unlike the contraceptive pill, which can have its effectiveness reduced by certain medications, the IUD does not interact with most medications.
  7. Cost-effective: While the initial cost of an IUD can be higher than other forms of birth control, over time it often becomes the more economical choice due to its long-term effectiveness.

Safety is a primary concern with any form of contraception. While IUDs have risks, such as perforation of the uterus or infection (both rare), overall they are considered very safe. The most common side effects are irregular periods and spotting, particularly in the first few months after insertion.

Always remember to discuss with your healthcare provider about your health history and your reproductive goals before deciding on any form of contraception. They can provide guidance on which type of contraception is most appropriate for your individual circumstances.

It could be argued that between the use of IUDs and vasectomies there is almost no need for the intrusive use of an abdominal surgery, tubal ligation.

Please ask your doctor about the use of IUDs, especially if you want a non permanent form of birth control, or you are nearing the end of your reproductive career.

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  1. I have a question do it change your period day cause i haven came on yet but i have been cramping so what should i do

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      1. Man, you are the 3rd person I know that went to that show. I kind of wish I had gone, even tughoh I’ve never heard of them. )Also, FWIW, my IUD has been in for a couple of years and it has not fallen out, nor have I gotten preggers. Seems to work just fine!

  2. I have an I u d and so far so good but I have a guestion. Ever since I got it I get this Oder when I get my period but when it goes away the oder goes away. I have to take three showers to make it go away.why do you think that is? This has never happened to me befor.

  3. Is their any sidefect to having I u d? Cause ever since I got I u d, my arms and legs have been getting itchy. I was wondering if it could be the I u d that is causing this reaction.

    1. really i had mine for a year and ever since i got i had regulare periods but this month i had it 2x and it dosent wana go alway i have like a week with my period is it normal dont know so if you can help thanks

      1. I used to bleed every 2 weeks and asked my r why and she said ut was an infection… So if there is abnormal bleeding see your dr…

        1. Man, you are the 3rd person I know that went to that show. I kind of wish I had gone, even tguhoh I’ve never heard of them. )Also, FWIW, my IUD has been in for a couple of years and it has not fallen out, nor have I gotten preggers. Seems to work just fine!

  4. I have had the IUD in the past, and had it removed to have my daughter, I am going to get another one put in. All of the symptoms that I am reading about are strange to me. I love the IUD! I have had no problems at all and after about two months of having it in my periods actually stopped! How is that for a win, win!

      1. As if one decision was esaier then the other?? There are huge pros and huge cons to either.It’s the WOMAN’S choice despite your personal code of ethics. Men don’t carry babies, and you’ll never understand. I’m puzzled how men think they can push their moral ethics and ideals on to woman when they are completely uninvolved in the process once they are done impregnating them!!

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  7. hello i have 7 children so i decided the iud was best for me since i have had an oder. and even when i dont have my period i think something is wrong or im i just over reacting

    1. Man, you are the 3rd person I know that went to that show. I kind of wish I had gone, even tohugh I’ve never heard of them. )Also, FWIW, my IUD has been in for a couple of years and it has not fallen out, nor have I gotten preggers. Seems to work just fine!

  8. I got the iud put in me march of 2007 and have not have my my period ever since and i have gain a lot of weight and some times i have cramping , what should i do??

  9. l had and IUD put 6yrs ago and l tried to get taken off and my obgyn told me they can,t find the string . Now l need to get a procedure one called heterscopy, where can l go for a decent price, sice l don,t hve insurance?

    1. When I had my IUD (Paragard) inserted, after the insertion my gyno did an ultrasound to make sure it was properly inserted, did they do an ultrasound to verify that you didn’t inadvertently discharge the devise during intercourse, use of tampons or similar?

  10. The IUD is great; I have had mine for a little over 3 years now, and love it. I wish my period did stop and yes with most birth control their come side effect, go to the doctor and get things looked at.

    To Dianne, as for as someone getting an abortion it is her choice, you have to look at the situation as you will not be helping that person raise their child so how can you make a decision for them. Yes your little cousin is making it, but try taking a step back and see how much she is really doing for her child financially or is it your family that is actually taking care of the baby and her. When you have a baby as a minor, it does not fall on the ones who is pregnant, but it falls on everyone else that will be responsible. She is not even old enough to work more than 20 hours a week being a minor and she have to have working papers in order to work in the first place. Yes she stepped up to the plate to take care of the emotional and semi-physical aspect of being a parent, but ask her will she have any more. Yes sex is supposed to be about love, but not everyone believes loves off that motto, so try not to judge. Just as your cousin had the right to choice, allow others to make their own choices, not everyone have a family that is willing to take care of them. BTW I have a son, and it was my choice to not have an abortion, but I will not make that choice for anyone else. Thank you for you opinion and I wish you and you cousin the best, I am actually proud that you understand that sex is supposed to be about love, and hope that you continue to do research on information about sex, marriage so that when you are ready you will know a lot.


    1. The “pro-life” contingent must never be alloewd to get a toe hold. They are all about control over women and that control is not restricted to abortion. They have deep pockets and effective propaganda. Pro-choice cannot become complacent to the threat that the “pro-life” poses to women’s rights.A view from Canada

  12. I just got my iud out after 5 years of having it in i want to know how long does it take to get preg after i take it out?

    1. Please go to the website of your IUD, I’m sure you will find that pregnancy could happen in as little time as the same day. Best wishes in conceiving a happy healthy baby (assuming this is why you had your IUD removed)!

    2. Sooooo would it be weird to say that I have never been on birth control pills? Our motehd of protection was always condoms, and it worked for us. I’m kind of scared to go on birth control pills since I have no idea how my body will react. I opted to delay it since I am still breastfeeding, and I don’t want it to affect my supply.

  13. IUDs are generally quite safe
    But go to your doctor immediately if you have not been under their care.

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  14. hi, i hade iud 6 monts ago but this month my peroid came defrent it came not heve just little bit about 3 weeks and i still have it pleas i need help

    1. It is very complex, i think they inejct a chemical into the babies heart which corses something which is simular to a heart attack, then you are induced, via a drip into the back of the hand, this starts labour, once your fully dilated you give birth,( congratulations your the mother to a dead baby)So yeah you go through a normal birth, but don,t get the delights at the end. Poor you.

  15. informative site bt i also have a query.i had an IUD put in last week and even though i was nt yet ovulating( hav a 4 month old baby ,fully breastfeeding and had not yet had a period since baby was 6 weeks) i started bleeding.just a bit of blood everyday but no cramps or any pain.what could be the problem.am woryd

  16. hi i have a iud for the past year and this month i got my period 2x and it seems not to go alway this is the fist time it happen ever since i got it is this normal?

    1. have you looked into minera? it’s something they insert and has hormones but they are localized so you don’t have the effects of them like other bc. it stays 5 years then you replace it. you can have it removed if you change your mind on the kid front or just want it removed.we were in the same position, not ready to take the drastic action of a vasectomy but not wanting to have another child either. i’ve never done well on bc but minera has been wonderful thus far.

      1. Thanks, Luciana, for sharing your personal experience with Minera with us. Obviously, every woman is different and that’s why they just need to talk to their gyn on a regular basis.

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    2. Man, you are the 3rd person I know that went to that show. I kind of wish I had gone, even tuhgoh I’ve never heard of them. )Also, FWIW, my IUD has been in for a couple of years and it has not fallen out, nor have I gotten preggers. Seems to work just fine!

  17. I am 44yrs old with 2 son oldest 25 and the youngest 14 would like to know is their any side effect with the IUD will i gain weight.

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      1. Man, you are the 3rd person I know that went to that show. I kind of wish I had gone, even tuhogh I’ve never heard of them. )Also, FWIW, my IUD has been in for a couple of years and it has not fallen out, nor have I gotten preggers. Seems to work just fine!

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  18. I got my period 2x in dec 2011,so until now no period.n no symptoms 4 preg.plz help.or i want de name of cleaning pills.

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