Are you a “middle aged” woman?   Are you recently divorced?

If so, you might be interested in the observations of one Christopher Coleman, an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, who has found that divorced middle aged women are more likely to contract HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

One reason is that they tend to “let their guard down” with new sexual partners and avoid using contraception since they are unafraid of getting pregnant.



Also, as you get older, physiological changes due to menopause (such as the thinning of vaginal walls) make it more that a woman will contract a virus. Then there is the fact that medications that would be used to treat an STD or HIV become hard for a woman to tolerate because an aging body metabolizes medications differently.

Careful, girls!

PP Abortion

PP Abortion

Everyone knows that Planned Parenthood does more than abortions.  Well, almost everybody.  If you are an anti-abortion zealot, you’d say that’s all they do.  One of the things the PPFA facilities do is offer breast cancer screenings and over the years, the Susan G. Komen Foundation has provided them with almost $1 million to help women.

Anti Abortion

Anti Abortion

But now, something is fishy.  Citing the fact that a certain Congressman has held a hearing examining PPFA’s operations (an anti-abortion Congressman), the Foundation has just announced that they will no longer provide PPFA with funding!!!    That’s right.  Some nutball decides to hold a sham hearing on PPFA and the folks at the Foundation are now running for cover.

Abortion Donations

Abortion Donations

Shame on the folks at the Susan G. Komen Foundation, a normally great organization for a worthy cause.   Don’t expect any more contributions from me!

Breast Implants

Breast Implants

Are you thinking of getting breast implants?   A word of advice, if I may.

A few days ago, Mr. Jean-Claude Ma, the founder of a French company that makes breast implants, was detained after a raid on his house in connection with the case of a woman who died last year of a rare form of cancer after her implants ruptured.  It is reported that thousands of other women may have the same defective implants.

Poly Implants Protheses (PIP)

Poly Implants Protheses (PIP)

Mr. Mas founded Poly Implants Protheses (PIP) and it was closed in March 2010 after it was learned that they used silicone that was “industrial” grade, not “surgical” grade.  The implants have a much higher rate of rupture than normal and the silicone inside can fall apart or leak into other areas of the body. Authorities in France have actually urged women to have them removed, as have German and Czech officials.

Breast Implants

Breast Implants

Our research has found that the PIP breast implants are not commonly used in the United States.  Still, it just goes to demonstrate that if you’re looking to get implants, you need to be extremely careful!

Cheaper is not always better.





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Menopause is a challenge, to say the least.   Those night sweats and mood swings can be rather intense and can disrupt your life.

But now someone has found a little good news about menopause.  According to the latest research, women who have menopause also have a 11% lower risk of heart disease in the 10 years following their menopause!   According to one report, the researchers do not know why this occurs, but there is a theory that the blood vessel activity that is generated during menopause somehow pumps the heat and its vessels and that helps combat a hardening of the arteries.

It’s almost like the woman is doing some cardio!


Smoking and Breast Cancer

For many years, we have been warned that smoking can cause a number of different kinds of cancers.  Throat and lung cancer are the most well known, of course.  Then there is larynx, kidney and stomach cancer.  And now a new study suggests that smoking may cause breast cancer as well.

This study has found that premenopausal women who smoke have a higher risk of breast cancer than women who don’t smoke.  It also found, however, that women who were postmenopausal were less likely to develop the disease than nonsmokers.  I’m told that is because women who have experienced menopause have low levels of circulating estrogen and they may actually benefit from tobacco’s anti-estrogenic effects.

Of course, the more women smoked the higher the risk of getting cancer.

To this day, I wonder why a person would even pick up a cigarette?.  Besides the obvious health risk, it’s a totally disgusting habit.  I mean, c’mon, have you ever kissed a person who smokes or smelled their clothes?  Gross me out.

So, if you don’t want to have to worry about getting yet another kind of cancer, don’t smoke – period.

Postpartum depression is serious stuff, as we all know.  I won’t take up your time recounting the numerous horror stories of women who had some rather serious reactions to the disorder.  Suffice it to say that more

Post Partum Depression

needs to be done to diagnose and cure this problem that is experienced by many, many women.

I am now pleased to report that there may be some progress in the fight against postpartum depression!  It seems that some researchers are reporting that when pregnant women took fish oil,

they had fewer depressive symptoms in the months following their giving birth than those women who took a placebo.  That’s because fish oil has been shown to increase mood-lifting brain chemicals which,

in turn, relieves depression.

As with any research, more needs to be done.

But the initial findings are certainly good news for women who are thinking of having children.

Healthy Heart

I think we all know that fasting from food is not a really good idea.  But now there are some researchers in Utah who suggest that the occasional 24 hour fast can actually be good for your heart!

It seems that if you fast, it could lead to a better cholesterol reading and lower blood sugar levels.  This, of course, can help you combat heart disease.   At this time, however, this idea is only an idea.  It is not part of a full-fledged study.  Indeed, even the researchers acknowledge that not eating can also make one more stressful which, on the other hand, might also damage the heart!

I’ll guess I’ll wait to do my Gandhi thing until we get more info.

Meanwhile, an 11 year study of British workers says that there is a 67% greater risk of heart disease in people who regularly work more than 11 hours a day.    Note to Self:  chill out.