What your Mother left undone,……………

"What your mother left undone, women who are not your mother may do. Women who are not your lover love you. ….Befriend yourself: I couldn't have known to tell my mother that unless I'd learned it for myself. Until I do. Friendship is earned. A lover leaps into faith.Earthbound women share bread; make; do. Cherry... Continue Reading →

The Power and Peril of Our Internal Clocks: A Deep Dive into Circadian Rhythms – The story of Beatriz Flamini

On April 14, Beatriz Flamini, a 50-year-old Spanish extreme athlete, emerged from a 230-foot deep cave in Andalusia after a 500-day isolation challenge. While Flamini sought unique experiences, scientists from various universities saw this as an opportunity to study the human body's internal rhythms without external cues. The Biological Clocks Within Us Throughout history, humans... Continue Reading →

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