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Today Show

I have been watching the “Today” show for a good thirty years.  I’ve been through dozens of co-hosts and countless funky weathermen.  Unfortunately, in the last few years I’ve watched “Today” morph from a true news show to a morning version of “Entertainment Tonight.”  And I’m tired of it.  So, Matt and Meredith and Al, if you are listening, I need to tell you that I’m gone.

The tipping point came yesterday morning.  Waiting for my coffee to brew, buttering my toast, I switched on the TV to Channel Four and heard that familiar opening theme.  You know the one I’m talking about, the one that starts with the three heavy notes.  I can’t convey that sound in writing, but if you take a second you’ll hear it.  Then, after this dramatic intro, you hear the somber voice of Matt Lauer.

“Soaker,” he announces.

Huh?   Did he say “soaker?”    What the frig does “soaker”  mean?

I glance at the television and see a quick shot of a street and it looks like it is raining.  I am puzzled.

He then gives us the next one word verbal “headline,” which I will get to in a minute.

After this titillating intro, Matt proceeds to give us a little more information on that FIRST story on this NATIONAL television broadcast that is being watched my MILLIONS of Americans.  I have to assume it’s something significant.  I am on the edge of my seat.

He proceeds to tell us that it is raining pretty hard in Florida.  Yep, that’s it.  The first story of the day is that it is raining heavily somewhere in the state of Florida.  People are getting – you guessed it – soaked.  What the heck?  Is that it?  Are you kidding me?

Matt and Meredith

Then, for a live, action-filled report on this breaking story, the camera cuts to some dweeb who is standing in the middle of this “soaker” wearing the obligatory heavy rain gear.  His hood is over his head but, honestly, I don’t see any rain falling on him.   Now, mind you, he is not talking about a hurricane.  No one has mentioned the word “tropical storm.”   Heck, he hasn’t even used the word “tropical depression.”   No, it was just a lot of rain.  It was a “soaker.”

They cut to a street where you can see some water backing up.  I also see cars flying back and forth, zipping right through the puddles.   Meanwhile, this brave reporter, who wants us to think he is risking his life for us, is using the obligatory buzzwords to keep our attention.  “I will add, Matt, that there have been no DEATHS or no SERIOUS INJURIES due to this STORM. “

This was the first story of the day.  This was the hard news that the producers of “Today” thought I just had to know.   Then there was the second most important story of the day.

It seems that there was some beauty contest in Australia or New Zealand or one of those semi-English speaking countries.  After hours of inane interviews and silly talent displays, the field was pared down to two young girls.  The emcee, a woman, took out the card with the winner’s name on it and, in true Ryan Seacrest form, milked the announcement for several minutes.  The tension was palpable.  Finally, she declares the winner and the place goes nuts.  The new Miss Marsupial is screaming her lungs out, jumping all over the place.  The runner-up gives her the obligatory hug while no doubt cursing her under her breath.

But, wait a minute!   The emcee is yelling something over the din.  She is screaming “I made a mistake, I made a mistake!”   Well, it seems that she screwed it up and named the wrong person.  So, she had to suck it up, stop the premature celebration and announce, practically in tears, that the original winner was really the runner up.

A funny story, if you ask me.  Maybe a little sad as well.

But my point is was this really the SECOND MOST IMPORTANT

Anne and Al

NATIONAL story of the day?  I mean, c’mon folks, do I really need to know about this screw up?  Didn’t anything happen somewhere in the rest of the entire world that qualified as real news?   We’re in a war for God’s sakes, didn’t we win some skirmish somewhere or capture some terrorist?   Didn’t some city or state pass some controversial new law?   Believe me, Matt, I can take the hard news if you got it.

But the more I think about it, maybe the “Today” show and other “news” shows are just giving the public want they want.  Maybe most folks don’t want to hear about some boring debate in the U.S. Congress, even if it is about a bill that would reduce carbon emissions and possibly stave off the DESTRUCTION OF OUR PLANET.  Maybe people just don’t want to be too serious and they’re just looking for fluff.  In some ways I guess can’t blame them.  But, for me, I must say adios Matt.


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hispanic-women abortionNuestros Honorarios…

Los services se pagan el dia de la cita en EFFECTIVO, GIRO de DINERO del DOREREO, tarjectas de credito MASTER CARD, VISA o AMERICAN EXPRESS. (No aceptamos cheques personales, gracias).


Nuestros Servicios…

Abortion centers es un centro de cuidado gynecologo que esta licenciado por el estado. Nos especializamos en abortos hasta las 24 semanas de gestacion como tambien en otros tratamientos ginecologos. Les brindamos el mejor ciudado medico mas un equipo de profesionales capacitados y atentos.

Nuestros Obstetras-Ginecologos estan certificado por la comision medica y tiene una vasta experencia en la provision de estos servicios a neustros pacientes.

Un Medico Anestesista administrara anestesia general. Tambien ofrecemos anestesia local.

Nuestro equipo de enfermeras y consejeras consiste de personas muy educadas y entrenadas que proveen ayuda, ciudado, y apoyo en una atmosfera sin prejuicios.

Tenemos lo ultimo en instrumentos diagnosticos y de cirugia, incluyendo maquinas de ultrasonidos.

Abortion centers esta aqui para oferecer cuidado medico de caliodad a las mujeres respetando la privacidad, dignidad y confidencialidad de cada paciente en un ambiente seguro, limpio, y con calor humano.

Todos las llamadas y cita son confidencial.

No es necessario el consentimiento do los padre.

En Preparacion de su cita…

El dia anterior de su cita no coma ni beba (esto incluye aqua y chiclets) desde las doce de la noche. Su estomago tiene que estar vacio por lo menos 8 de su cita.

Por favor tenga alguien con usted para hacerle compania y llevarla para su casa despues de su cita. Es perigoso que uste conduzca automovil para regresar a su casa cuando este recuperandose.

Por favor haga arreglos para el cuidad de sus ninos en su casa.

Usted y su acompanate deben de estar preparados para estar en la clinica de 3 a 4 horas. Triaga material para leer.

Por favor tome un bano la manana de su cita.

Si no puede aquidar a su cita, por favor llame y cancele para poder ofrecerle este tiempo a otra persona necesitada de nuestro servicios.

Que Puede Esperar…

Nuestra recepcionista la recibira cordialmente y le hara llenar un formulario sobre su salud.

En el laboratorio le haran analisis se sangre, factore RH, analisis de urine, y preuba de embarazo.

Un medico le tomara un ultasonido para poder determinar el tiempo de su embarazo.

Una cosejera le explicara el procedimiento del aborto como tambien hablara sobre metodos anteconceptivos y le contestara cualquier pergunta que usted tenga.

En el salon de operacion, usted sera atentida por un Ginecologo, un Anestesista, y una Enfermera.

Anestesia general y local estan disponible.

Despues del aborto usted descansara enun salon de recuperacion por lo menos una hora. Usted estara acompanada por una enfermera y una asistente.

Puede hacer una cita para regresar a la clinica de dos a tres semanas despues de s

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