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Menopause is a challenge, to say the least.   Those night sweats and mood swings can be rather intense and can disrupt your life.

But now someone has found a little good news about menopause.  According to the latest research, women who have menopause also have a 11% lower risk of heart disease in the 10 years following their menopause!   According to one report, the researchers do not know why this occurs, but there is a theory that the blood vessel activity that is generated during menopause somehow pumps the heat and its vessels and that helps combat a hardening of the arteries.

It’s almost like the woman is doing some cardio!



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Healthy Heart

I think we all know that fasting from food is not a really good idea.  But now there are some researchers in Utah who suggest that the occasional 24 hour fast can actually be good for your heart!

It seems that if you fast, it could lead to a better cholesterol reading and lower blood sugar levels.  This, of course, can help you combat heart disease.   At this time, however, this idea is only an idea.  It is not part of a full-fledged study.  Indeed, even the researchers acknowledge that not eating can also make one more stressful which, on the other hand, might also damage the heart!

I’ll guess I’ll wait to do my Gandhi thing until we get more info.

Meanwhile, an 11 year study of British workers says that there is a 67% greater risk of heart disease in people who regularly work more than 11 hours a day.    Note to Self:  chill out.

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