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AbortionWe all know about the war on women’s health that is being waged by the Republican Presidential candidates.  I will say that Rick Santorum has at least been consistent all of his political life.  He would like to see Planned Parenthood and other reproductive health clinics just disappear.  But then there’s Mitt Romney, who as Governor of Massachusetts used to be pro-choice and supported PPFA’s mission.  And now, of course, he has done a total reversal.

If Romney gets the presidential nomination, consider that he will try to stop PPFA (and the independent clinics) from not just performing abortions but also breast exams, life saving cervical cancer screenings, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and offering birth control.

I urge those of you who support women’s health (and who trust women to make their own decisions) to get involved in the presidential campaign.  There may be no more important one than this one.

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Menopause is a challenge, to say the least.   Those night sweats and mood swings can be rather intense and can disrupt your life.

But now someone has found a little good news about menopause.  According to the latest research, women who have menopause also have a 11% lower risk of heart disease in the 10 years following their menopause!   According to one report, the researchers do not know why this occurs, but there is a theory that the blood vessel activity that is generated during menopause somehow pumps the heat and its vessels and that helps combat a hardening of the arteries.

It’s almost like the woman is doing some cardio!


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