Most People Have No Idea What They Want From Life—Here’s Why

Image by Kayla Johnson / Stocksy Have you ever paused long enough to ask yourself what you really want? I mean blocking off time just for you, getting really quiet, and allowing yourself the time to ponder on what it is your heart truly desires. Because often, what we think we want and what we actually want are not actually the... Continue Reading →

An MD On The Two Types Of Happiness (And Which One Is Healthier)

Image by Good Vibrations Images / Stocksy When happiness is experienced in the here and now, it is a subjective human emotion within a current human experience. For example, you play competitive soccer, and your team wins its match; you (and your teammates) are happy in the current moment. You don't win every match, and when you... Continue Reading →

Do You Really Need to ‘Balance’ Your Cortisol Levels for Better Health?

Cortisol, most commonly known as the stress hormone, is a popular conversation point in the wellness space. Experts agree that while too much or too little cortisol provides specific problems, the term "cortisol imbalance" is not a legitimate medical term. To test cortisol levels, individuals should seek advice from a healthcare professional with hormonal expertise.... Continue Reading →

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