5 Reasons Why What You Feed Your Kid Really Matters

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When your child is struggling developmentally, it’s natural to feel so frenzied that even the basics are a challenge. Research clearly illustrates how a healthy, veggie-filled diet that’s low in sugar and high in nutrients is crucial not only for development but for improving mood and having more energy. Brain Balance Achievement Centerhas the tools to make nourishing your child’s development easy.

Clean eating, a pillar of the Brain Balance program, is a great place to start when working to get your child’s development on track. When you visit a Brain Balance Achievement Center, you’ll be provided with meal plans and other tools that will walk you through how to prepare meals in ways to support your child’s growth.

Here’s why proper nutrition and healthy eating can boost your child’s development:

1. Proper nutrition supports blood sugar balance.

When blood sugar is out of balance, it may cause tiresome mood swings. If this sounds like your child, start by assessing their diet. Are they eating a sugar-filled breakfast? If so, your child may be coping with a blood sugar spike followed by a crash. Rapid changes in blood sugar may lead to a crummy mood at minimum and to lethargy and an inability to concentrate at worst. While enrolled in a Brain Balance Achievement Center, you’ll be given meal plans and ideas that are optimal for stabilizing your child’s blood sugar, thus preventing periods of exhaustion or hyperactivity.

2. Proper nutrition makes it easier to focus.

A balanced breakfast and a restful night’s sleep work together to improve your child’s focus at school. When you work with Brain Balance Achievement Centers, you’ll learn which foods are ideal for improving focus and how to avoid foods that will make your child more distracted, such as processed foods with added sugars and dyes.

Photo: MaaHoo Studio

3. Proper nutrition supports adequate sleep.

When your child is filling up on junk food, it can interfere with sleep. Sleep is the sturdy foundation of normal childhood development. If your child is not sleeping enough or not sleeping well, addressing developmental issues is nearly impossible. A nutrient-rich meal plan is the first step toward sound sleep and healthy development.

4. Proper nutrition promotes physical activity.

Studies show that spending time outside is incredibly important for mental health, as is regular exercise. When your child is slowed down by an unhealthy diet, they’ll likely be more interested in camping out in front of a screen than playing and moving around outside. Once you’re equipped with a meal plan that promotes proper nutrition, your child will have a lot more energy to play outside.

5. Proper nutrition helps balance the body’s functionality.

The gut-brain connection is real, and an unhealthy gut leads to a slew of other issues beyond a stomachache, such as depression, anxiety, and the inability to concentrate. These consequences are tough to bear for anyone and are even more difficult for a child struggling with developmental issues. If you want to improve brain health, start by taking advantage of the information provided by Brain Balance Achievement Centers for how to eat to improve gut health. Their holistic and integrated approach to addressing learning and behavioral challenges may just be the solution that your child needs. When it comes to your child’s development, proper nutrition will go a long way.

Source: https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/the-positive-impact-proper-nutrition-has-on-your-childs-development

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