This Is Exactly What Your Skin Needs In Peak Humidity

There’s something about midsummer that makes everything feel a little…slow. In climates where the humidity frequently creeps up to near 100 percent, simple everyday moments like commuting to work can feel like a total slog. Weather like this catalyzes many palpable changes to ourselves and our environments. For example, houseplants become full, vibrant, and generally very happy, pets may get a little slothlike, and you’re probably feeling extra thirsty. Your hair and your skin are probably acting differently, too—frizzy locks and extra sweat, moisture, and pore-clogging buildup on your skin are typical of humid climes.

You might be tempted to stay in the air conditioning, but herbalist, natural beauty expert, and makeup artist Jessa Blades thinks you should sweat. “It is important to remind ourselves that it is really healthy to sweat and stay hydrated,” she said. Rule No. 1 is to make sure you’re drinking enough fluids, including ones with electrolytes, to keep your body balanced. Beyond that, this checklist, compiled with tips from Jessa and natural beauty experts Katey Denno and Britta Plug, will keep your face clear and help you embrace your best summer skin.

1. Take a toner with you.

Katey Denno recommends bringing a toner to sweat zones if you’re battling breakouts and blemishes. “Carry a breakout-busting toner, and spritz it a few times a day. I personally reach for Be Clean from Jenette All Natural Skincare—this toner is extremely helpful in sweaty situations.”

2. If you’re going to wear makeup, keep it minimal.

If you must wear makeup, Denno and Blades agree that it’s best to stay away from cream-based formulas. “Using more powders and layering products is helpful for making them last,” Blades said. Denno recommends skipping foundation entirely and reaching for concealer instead as a spot treatment.

3. Swap moisturizers for oils.

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“I go down to 2 drops of oil serum—that’s it for the summer,” said holistic esthetician, gua sha expert, and mbg Collective member Britta Plug. Denno also recommends oil for summer. “Press the drops in and allow them to sink in before applying sunscreen and any makeup. Oil is the best way to hydrate at the deepest of layers anyway, and there’s no need for extra wax and butter on skin when humidity is high,” she said.

4. Do a clay mask.

While it’s best to skip clay masks in the cooler months because they can be quite drying, humid weather is the ideal time to do them. Plug’s favorite clay-based mask is Laurel Whole Plant Organics Detox Facial Mask. For maskers on a budget, she recommends the bulk French green clay from Mountain Rose Herbs for $11 a pound! If your skin is feeling a little dry despite humidity, Plug suggests adding honey to soften and hydrate.

5. Try (or stick with) oil cleansing.

It may seem counterintuitive to keep up your oil cleansing practice when skin feels oily, but trust—Plug maintains that oil dissolves oil, and when sunscreen, sweat, and city pollution mix, you get a greasy facial slick that only oil can break through. She recommends staying away from coconut oil for the face. Try jojoba oil or her favorite oil cleanser, the Myhavtorn Facial Oil.

6. Seize the opportunity to give your skin a break.

Summer is a fantastic time to scale back on any makeup or intense regimens to embrace the skin you’re in. “Wearing fewer products in this heat is also a good way to give your skin a moment to breathe,” Blades said. While there’s no hard science that supports “letting your skin breathe,” all three experts agree that giving it time without any makeup and focusing on hydration and oils leads to smoother, clearer, and healthier skin.


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